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Stick Architecture was founded on the principle of creating Architecture that is authentic, sustainable, and collaborative. Practically, this looks like getting to know our client’s genuine perspective, then architecturally representing it with material sincerity. Material sincerity means we are passionate about understanding the implications of the materials we select, we strive to use them in in the best and most sustainable way possible, and we evolve our selection of materials as we curiously learn more.

This drive, and the research associated therein, has most often led us toward working with wood and imagining what a new, wooden architecture may look like. The entire process from production of materials through construction and occupancy provides an improved process that can be sustained.

In wood design and construction, from conventional stick-frame to mass timber as well as other sustainable forest products, repetition and redundancy of parts shine. Our name is a reminder that all the small parts contribute to the larger whole. Stick Architecture is also our mantra to remain effective, to stick with you to accomplish something in a notable way. Stick the landing, if you will. Lastly, “The Sticks” is a nomenclature that is usually coupled with a negative stereotype of rural communities. Turning that on its head, we view the vernacular and values of our rural communities as places of innovation that will provide fodder for sustainable and climate-resilient architecture solutions for our rural and urban communities.
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Together with Stick Architecture, clients are a part of the design process and see themselves in the design solutions.  With a thorough and effectual process, we arrive at a sensible design that is right-sized, high-value, distinctive, optimistic, and has an evident human touch. We offer full Architectural Services including Master Planning, Initial Programming, Schematic & Design Development, Bidding & Negotiations, and Construction Administration.

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Will McGarity, AIA

Founder and Principal of Stick Architecture LLC, Will comes from a design build, urban agriculture, and community-based project background. He has a passion for distilling complex design problems into tangible design solutions in conjunction with multidisciplinary teams. Prior to forming Stick Architecture, Will was an associate architect at ArchitectureWorks, LLP where he coordinated all aspects of projects including being primary client liaison, managing schedules and budgets, developing design concepts, managing project teams, and administering construction contracts. He most recently was Auburn University’s 2020 - 2021 Forestry Architecture Fellow. The research, writing, and design build outreach projects for the fellowship allowed Will to continue following his passion of furthering wood architecture, the seeds of which were laid when he was a student at Auburn’s Rural Studio determining the viability in construction of small diameter pine thinnings.

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